Machine Learning meetings and seminars

Regular IML group meetings

IML working group meetings are roughly monthly, see below for the upcoming meetings booked on indico. We also announce the meetings on the lhc-machinelearning-wg mailinglist (see Forum). Or use a calendar subscription. The meetings are public. That means open to all participants who are interested in the application of machine learning techniques to high energy physics. This is not constrained to any specific group of people, although there are more members from the LHC experiments than from others. We welcome and encourage the participation of people from areas including high energy physics experiments, theory, machine learning, industry, and more.

If you wish to present your own work, you should watch for the calls for proposals that we send out before each monthly meeting, or or contact the coordinators at any time via email (see Home).

Please be aware that the IML meetings are public, so any results that you intend to show should be approved by your collaborators if relevant.

EP-IT data science seminars

Members of the IML group will also be interested in the EP-IT data science seminars at CERN, not organised by the IML group. Upcoming seminars are also booked on indico and all members of the EP department (including CERN users) receive the seminar announcements via email. This should cover most members of the IML group, therefore we do not replicate the invitations. If you do not receive the invitations, you can subscribe to the ep-dep-info-seminars egroup on

past events

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