Image R is a multi-platform software environment (programming language) for statistical computing. ROOT is an object-oriented framework for large scale data analysis commonly used in high-energy physics. ROOT-R is an interface between ROOT and R that allows a large set of statistical tools provided by R to be used within the ROOT framework.
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TMVA new design

TMVA Logo Mini The Toolkit for Multivariate Analysis (TMVA) is a ROOT-integrated machine-learning environment for the processing and parallel evaluation of multivariate classification and regression. TMVA is designed specifically to the needs of high-energy physics (HEP) applications. We are creating a new version of the toolkit with increased functionality and interfaces to other statistical packages such as R. 
RMVA Logo mini RMVA is a set of plugins for TMVA based on ROOTR that allows the use of R methods for classification and regression in TMVA  
PyMVA (Python TMVA)
PyMVA Logo Mini PyMVA is a set of plugins for TMVA based on Python that allows the use python-based classification and regression methods in TMVA.  
Variable Importance
Feature selection and reduction are key to robust machine-learning analyses. We are integrating the FAST algorithm into TMVA to allow users make better-informed decisions about their parameter space.  
For more details please the TMVA5.0 webpage:  TMVA New Design Page


Falcon: Ultrafast Nonparametric Detector Simulator



MAGENTA: Monte Carlo Generator Tune Optimization



Deep learning and MEMs



Deep learning in FPGAs


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